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How Maintenance Beats Costly Air Conditioning Repairs

HVACAir conditioning repairs can be extremely costly when annual maintenance is neglected. When parts are broken, thermostats don’t work and the filter is too far gone, sometimes it just makes sense to do an entire replacement. But this isn’t the only expense you’ll experience while operating a lacklustre HVAC system. Homeowners can expect: An increase in energy costs – as the air conditioning system works harder to perform despite its issues. HVAC systems that convert to heating during colder months may also make the home feel drafty. By maintaining the equipment on a regular basis, the system will be sure to last for much longer than anticipated, sometimes adding five to ten years to its lifespan. Don’t believe us? Ask any HVAC expert. When replacing units and several items in your home, the numbers can quickly add up to be thousands if you’re not careful.

How to Maintain a Furnace or HVAC System

Ensure that there are no blocks in the ventilation. This is especially true if you have a window unit installed in rooms vs. central heating. Look Out for Leaks – and if these are detected, contact a repair specialist as soon as possible. Leaks can furthermore damage the infrastructure of the home including the siding, walls and also create other costly issues like toxic mold and mildew. This is why it’s important to pay keen attention to all areas of the home. Clean – as carpets need to be vacuumed daily for a pristine appearance, air filters too will need to be changed each month. If you’re renting your home or apartment be sure to consult the lease or leasing agent to determine whose responsibility this is.

The air filter is furthermore accessible and affordable, usually running below $10 at local retailers like Target and Walmart. You can also buy in bulk or from the home improvement stores to save on the annual cost of cleaning air filters. One professional service you may need however in addition to cleaning out the filters is to hire an air duct cleaner who will be able to get in between hard to reach places. Studies furthermore exhibit that when the system is cleaned less energy is used, and such statistics can be read online through power, energy and heating companies. Winterize – for in room units that are placed by the window, homeowners can save on energy costs by covering up this units with special plastic tarps, or pull the unit out altogether in order to prevent drafts and excess energy waste. You will also be protecting the equipment from the frigid cold when you do so.14